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Managing money is a complex problem. On one hand, you want to spend money on all sorts of snacks and random things whenever you want. On the other hand, you want to save some money for a rainy day and to take investment opportunities when they arise. Martin Godfrey Legido has used his experience and expertise to provide the reader with insight and advice so that people can properly manage their money and wealth. So that one can make timely investments and be frugal. Your Wealth Starts Here offers a roadmap to financial stability.

Martin Godfrey Legido has all the knowledge a reader needs to take control of their financial situation. He consolidates his knowledge in this insightful book and shares the information with simple language. Many finance professionals will use difficult and industry-specific jargon. However, Martin Legido realizes that a majority of those who read this book are not in the industry and will, therefore, be distracted by those words. That is what makes this book so easy to understand. The author weaves language in a way that just makes all the money talk more interesting to read. This book makes for a fun ride in the world of wealth and money management. With all that simplicity, this book is all about being a shark. It is about being a cutthroat money manager with all sorts of clever tips for wealth management.

Your Wealth Starts Here is not just for the person who already has money and is looking to manage it properly. It is also for the person who is currently in a financial hole and would like to get out of it and stay out permanently. This book is like a wholistic guide to money and financial stability. It teaches you how to have a detached view of your financial situation. Looking at your money from different perspectives gives you fresh ideas and thoughts on how to handle everything. The author also touches on personal attitudes and beliefs. This is perhaps one of the most important things. Your attitude towards life matters in every aspect.

Many people struggle with handling their money. This is especially true of people who have just gotten their first jobs. They struggle with having to be responsible for their own safety net. Many often stumble at this stage and will have to start from the bottom. Luckily, financial discipline can be taught and there is no one better suited to teach you than Martin Godfrey Legido and his book.

Pages: 180 | ASIN: B07KGQLRGL

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