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If you are one of those who are always on the go then a smartwatch is one such gadget that would contribute significantly to making your life a lot simple. Unlike other gadgets that require charging on a daily basis along with a bit of TLC, smartwatches are made for rough use. Considering that they stay with us throughout the day and keep us connected, they need to be every terrain proof including water. But when it comes to gadgets, a more accurate description is water-resistant as other factors like depth and time in the water have a more damaging effect on the device.

Apart from tracking daily activities, smartwatch plays a major role especially when you are upgrading your fitness level helping you lead a healthier lifestyle, thanks to its multiple fitness modes. So, if a smartwatch isn’t water resistant and starts malfunctioning at the slightest contact with water then they cannot be considered as a good fitness partner. Precisely for this reason, Noise ColorFit PRO Smartwatch is your perfect fitness partner.

Stylish looks combined with IP68 water resistant rating that allows it to be in the water for up to 1.5 meter for 30 minutes and withstand rain, you can strap on your watch and just head about your day without worrying about water damaging it.

There are times when your indoor workout routine may not get you motivated enough to hit the gym that’s where ColorFit PRO comes in. The water-resistant rating along with a multiple fitness and training mode will help you get your heart racing and achieve your fitness goals, even in this monsoon season.

So, there you have it, if you are looking for a smartwatch that lets you stay connected with the world, acts as a fitness tracker and looks good then ColorFit Pro smartwatch is your best bet.

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