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Young Thug and French Montana are at war.

In a recent interview with Complex, the Coke Boy claimed he would win in a battle against Kendrick Lamar because he has “more hits” than the Compton MC.

“You could put somebody like Kendrick Lamar on the same stage next to me in a festival,” said Montana. “I might outshine them, not because I’m a better rapper or whatever it is, just I’ve got more hits. Kendrick Lamar got albums, he got masterpieces, but if you was to put us on a festival stage, I would outshine him ’cause I have more hits than Kendrick Lamar.”

But his comments didn’t sit well with Thugger, who fired back at the Coke Boy in an Instagram video on Tuesday. “Stupid ass ni**a say he got more hits than Kendrick Lamar,” said Thug before adding, “Fool.”

That’s when an all-out feud erupted on social media, with the two two going back and forth dissing each other. Thugger even threatened to call up Meek Mill and leak a video of Montana allegedly getting “knocked out.”

“French Montana, bitch ass ni**a. Listen bro, get out of your feelings,” said Thug. “I’m only speaking from an artist standpoint. You do not have nowhere no more hits than Kendrick Lamar whatsoever. You probably won’t ever have more hits.”

“I don’t even talk to ni**as like you, bro,” he said in another video. “Stay in your lane, I’ll stay in mine. You not even on my level when it comes to getting no business handled or none of that. You a bitch, bro.”

Montana criticized Thug’s fashion choices (“That’s you with that skirt, man”) and questioned his finances. “Fake Bugattis, fake houses,” he said. “Pussy ni**a, I still got a full computer full of your motherfu**in’ hooks. You’ve been on my dick since day one.”

He also offered one million dollars for Meek’s alleged video of him getting knocked out. “This is me sober,” he told “The London” rapper. “You don’t wanna see me high like you. And if you find that footage from Meek, tell him I’ll give you an extra million dollars. On my son’s life, you get that footage, I’ll give you a million dollars.”

Thugger responded with a video of himself outside a house he claims was once owned by “Auntie French,” while Montana shared an alleged photo of Thug wearing lipstick. “This is not u neither?” he asked before challenging him to a battle. “THIS SHIT CRAY CRAY #moreinfluential #thatsafact PUT THAT BREAD UP AND BRING YOUR BEST 20 songs.”

See their back and forth exchange below.

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