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Deciding between wired and wireless earphones can land you in a bit of a pickle. To help you make an informed decision, scroll away!



Would earphones tie-up in space? No, they would knot.

Well worrying about tangling, tying and knotting isn’t something you need to think about while going wireless!

Don’t believe us? Read on, and you will!

1. Pulling the plug on wires:

Wireless Earphones

The most significant advantage of owning a pair of wireless earphones is going wire-free. Along with this hassle-free experience, comes a supreme level of comfort. Bluetooth wireless headsets give you a lot of flexibility and convenience. Why do we say so? Let us visualize a day of your morning workout routine: performing exercises like crunches, squats, and the like just got a level easier because you don’t have wires tying you down!

And not just gyming, imagine rushing to enter the metro doors seconds before it’s about to close, no more wires tangling around which you’ll have to manage and boom! You got in, hassle-free. 

2. Portability:

Another significant advantage of having wireless earphones is how compact they are, a consequence of which is resulting in them being portable. For instance, let us consider the built of the Noise Shots X1 Air. The case which holds the earbuds is pocket-friendly, and the earbuds themselves provide a trouble-free user experience. And not only do they have portable cases, but it’s also easier to carry around wireless earphones as the fuss of managing and maintaining wires is absent.

3. Sound quality:

Contrary to popular belief, wireless Bluetooth earphones provide spectacular sound quality. Many earphones, including our very own Noise Shots X-Buds, provide magnificent bass boosting sound. The Shots X3 Bass, give the user with heavy bass sounds so you can listen to your music at low volumes and still get that thump and pump in your veins. It’s all about making a “sound” decision!

4. Ease of usage:

Wireless Earphones

It can be firmly stated that wireless earphones and earbuds are more comfortable to use. To back up our argument, all our wireless Bluetooth earphones have controls located on the earbud itself. Conclusion? Never digging deep into your pockets to attend a call or skip that one song on your playlist, which you never listen to but is too hard to delete. And this feature isn’t just limited to the earbuds we offer but the Bluetooth neckband products as well. The controls lie on the neckband itself, and it doesn’t end there, the Noise products, Siri and Google assistant seem to be “best buds.” Controls can easily be exercised simply with a voice command.

5. Style:

Bluetooth headphones or wireless earphones offer a variety of styles and colors to choose from.  Bored with the usual black? Noise Shots X-buds to the rescue! These are offered in three different colors – teal green, matte black, and peach-orange. After all, “orange is the new black.” Why just shoes, time to match your earphones to your outfits too!



The yin-yang is the perfect representative of what’s about to come next. There’s good in every bad, and well, there’s bad in every good. Wireless earphones, too, have their drawbacks.



Wireless earphones require to be charged; however, longer battery life can easily solve this problem. For example, the Noise X5 Charge provide a case that can recharge the earbuds up to 12 times. The Noise Tune FLEX offers a 12-hour playback. High battery and ease together seem the perfect combination.


Price range:

Wireless earphones are costlier than wired headsets. However, the features provided by the former make the price all worth it. So even if you pay a little more, there’s no regret. Moreover, wired earphones require more maintenance of the wires. Listening to an argument on broken earphones? Well, that would be one-sided!

Headphone jack


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