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The concern surrounding the coronavirus has increased so much that folks are afraid to even be in public! We’ve seen planes grounded, stores cleared out, and people making all sorts of fuss after witnessing others cough or sneeze.

It’s gotten so bad, that y’all got Steph Curry shaking in his boots about letting out a single cough. During a press conference, Steph was doing his regular regular thing, answering questions about his team, when he suddenly lifted his elbow to let out a cough.

Once he realized those cameras were watching, he said ‘AHT AHT’, and held that thing right in his chest!

As we previously reported, Steph fell ill just last week and was sidelined because of the fear that he had the coronavirus. Turns out, Steph was diagnosed with influenza A, which is a strain of the flu. The Warriors put out a statement to put teams and fans at ease, noting that Steph had “no specific risk factors for COVIC-19.”

Regardless, he was not trying be under any sort of quarantine, so he held that cough back with all of his might!

Steph Curry would’ve been the very first NBA player to contract the virus, but thankfully, he was diagnosed with the flu. Just days later, the league suspended all games indefinitely, after Utah Jazz All-Star Rudy Gobert tested positive for the virus. Shortly after, one of Rudy’s teammates testes positive as well.



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