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Photo by Destiny Robb

The video for Wombo’s Dreamsickle puts the viewer in the perspective of a very young child, looking up at the sun and moon carousel hanging from their ceiling. That’s appropriate because the subject of the song is dreams, the personal nature of dreams and their mercurial nature. A dream is seldom only one thing, and often once you have managed to define one set of meaning from it, several more layers are uncovered.

Wombo has a similar undefinable nature. I suppose that they are indie pop, for want of a better term but there is also something experimental in their nursery rhyme like melody. Dreamsickle sounds like a lullaby and is best listened to somewhere in the halfway land before waking and resting. But that isn’t quite a category of music and maybe that’s for the best. Dreams are best left unexplained, and music is best left to collective enjoyment and subjective analysis. As long as you like it, why question it?

Wombo’s EP Keesh Mountain arrives on May 28th from Fire Talk.

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