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THE TWILIGHT SAGA <—-THE SERIES THAT STARTED IT ALL FOR ME. It’s not news how much I love this series and that it was the catalyst to my extreme book reading (and of course, what inspired me to start my blog). I’ve mentioned it via posts and comments over the years. I always feel a need to post an ode to the start of it all. I ALWAYS feel this need to explain it to those that haven’t read these yet, what I felt. How deeply I felt.

I always feel a need to thank the Stephenie Meyer, the characters, the story, my mom (for introducing me to it, and reading overall) and for that matter, the entire book world for existing. I was 100% able to connect to and become one with, this series, and I have continued to connect with so many books since then.

This series is the book love of my life. It’s my true first love (book-wise), and yes, I’ve fallen in love many times since, but it’s because of this series that I discovered romance.

And you know what? Maybe the series I’ve discovered since (and loved as much) are “better” in the grand scheme of things (depends on who you ask, I guess 😉 ), but a first love (that didn’t hurt you of course) will always bring back fond memories and warm fuzzy feelings. And this one left me feeling elated.

I know many felt just like I did when they first read these (hooked from the get-go and so addicted and involved). Surprised by just how much we experienced as real… even though it was all just fantasy.

Some of my beloved fellow readers didn’t quite feel that way at all, reading Twilight. 😮 Or connect deeply. Or even like the heroine. Or the heroes. And that’s okay too.

It makes complete sense. We all experience books, and characters differently. Past and current real-life actualities, book exposure, first-favorites, reading maturity, narrating preferences and character personalities will certainly help or hinder the shape of our reading experience from one book to the next. From one series to the next.

Before Twilight, it was horror and biographies for me. Fun in their own right, but totally different from what I experienced with this saga. I feel truly lucky that, previous to Twilight, I hadn’t read ANY paranormal (other than Stephen King horror), as this was an absolute fresh read for me.

And honestly, as “experienced” as I now am in regards to romance books, and the reading preferences I’ve developed along the way (various author’s voices and writing styles, or maybe a more critical eye to character behaviors) well… maybe re-reading these won’t bring those original feelings back for me. So I get it.

But it was officially “my first” and you can never forget that. Especially when it was as all-consuming as it was. I had never read anything like it, or barely any romance for that matter… and it was exactly what renewed and re-kick-started my love of reading. But not just renewed it. Breathed a whole different life into me. It was simply fantastic, and my life is better because of it… and everything that came of it.

In essence… it was absolutely magical to me. And I loved the heroine (her insecurities, and how raw and emotional she could be – naive mistakes and reactions and all), but then again, I had never been inside of a heroine’s head before, that was falling so deeply in love, and had so many angsty decisions to make. Let alone being dumped!!! GASP! I had never read something like that before. Well maybe the Sweet Valley High books had heartache… (not quite that level obviously) 🙄 😂  LOL!!! But… you know what I’m saying?

There’s enough room on this shelf for one more. 😉

At that time, I had never read something so romantically intense, and distressing from the heroine’s perspective nor had I experienced the scenes and emotions that deeply, and personally. My heart was HOOKED and I was so invested in that love. I FELT IN LOVE TOO. And I KNEW her. I felt like her before, and through this book, I was her/me… again.

Anyway, it’s because of Twilight that I fell in love with The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, and the Fever Series, and True Blood (Southern Vampire Mysteries), Night Huntress Series and of course, Vampire Academy Series. These were my true loves that helped me move on and forge on after my book-love fog of Twilight.

And then contemporary romance, and bad boy rock stars, and brooding alpha males, and the wonderful book list of my favorites goes on. How happy and fortunate, I am.

So for me, this series means the world to me. Opened up the book world to me. Made me understand what it was to “live” in a world and experience something I never could in real life. How to escape, or just how to imagine, discover and experience… at THAT level.

Though now… I’m fretting over seeing them again through my now, “romance-book experienced” eyes. I want to keep my wide-eyed innocence that I experienced in the first place. I still remember that feeling, and as I think back on scenes, and where I was sitting (or in bed reading), not eating, not sleeping for days on end as I read ’em, I still FEEL that feeling right now.  My first time falling head-over-heels in love… with a book character.

That said…. will I be reading (and owning a hard copy) of Midnight Sun? OH HECK YES!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!! After all, there’s just enough room on that book shelf for it, and my mom and I can buddy read it (with all of you), since she’s the one that introduced me to this awesome series in the first place. Wanna mom??? 😀

So now share with me… what series or book first did that, to you?

P.S. Here’s my Twilight history… in posts:

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