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Why Others Are Worried But I’m Not

Some of the Cast

I saw at least one friend (who also loves the source material) point out that he was worried that Timothee Chalamet was too young to be Paul. Then, he immediately contradicted himself by pointing out that at the beginning of the book, Paul is 15. But since both visual adaptations we’ve had (Lynch’s and the Sci Fi channel miniseries), the actor cast for Paul was much older, it’s probably changed our perceptions. Chalamet should do well.

For those who have maybe only read the first Dune novel, it might surprise you to find that some are concerned about this casting choice. After all, playing a daring warrior should be no problem for Momoa, especially after Aquaman, right? The issue is that later in the Dune series, the character of Duncan Idaho becomes more complex and important. There’s some concern that Momoa hasn’t done anything that nuanced yet, and I get it. However, I think if we get to the point where Dune Parts 1 and 2 are so successful that they’re adapting the rest of the series, it’ll be a great problem to have. And I think Momoa hasn’t shown everything he’s capable of yet.

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