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It’s just a glimpse of how much of a monster Dreykov clearly is. He might not have disintegrated 50 percent of the universe, he might not be an actual Nazi with a skull for a face, or a Goddess destroyer of worlds, but Dreykov is still a bigger bastard—and a very recognizable one at that. 

This villain is not an experiment gone wrong, or a damaged character hell bent on revenge; he has no misguided noble ideals, he’s just an utter, utter wanker who treats women and girls as a commodity. Dreykov runs the Widow program as if it was a farm. He takes children from their families when they are very young (Yelena was six – Natasha was even younger). One in 20 survives the training and becomes a Widow. He kills the rest. Given the reveal of how many brainwashed Widows Dreykov has stationed around the world, the body count he must be responsible for is huge. But the ones who survive are hardly better off. We learn through Yelena that these women have no freewill. No meaningful life at all. It’s funny, but it’s also quite heartbreaking how excited Yelena is about buying herself a piece of clothing for the first time.

Dreykov has Harvey Weinstein/Jeffrey Epstein/Donald Trump vibes. He’s an embodiment of toxic masculinity, a violent bully obsessed with power who sees women as property—in fact he describes girls as “the one resource the world has too much of.”

There is nothing to suggest Dreykov is a sexual abuser, but then there’s nothing to suggest he isn’t. What motivates Dreykov is power and he has complete control over these women—hundreds of women. They aren’t people to him. So the limits of his abuse aren’t defined. And the fact that he is able to treat his own daughter so abhorrently would indicate that there aren’t limits at all. He treats women and girls like trash, including his own child. 

Dreykov’s Widows are given involuntary hysterectomies—Yelena describes the process to Alexei with cold detail. He violates these women’s bodies and controls their minds, keeping them in a state of waking torture. They are conscious and aware of what they are doing but can’t tell what is them and what is not.

And when Dreykov is confronted by a woman he can’t control, Natasha, then his facade slips. He loses his temper. And his reaction is to punch her in the face. Repeatedly. Nat can take it. It’s all part of her plan. But you know in another life Dreykov would definitely be a domestic abuser. 

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