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220px-Citizenkane1) Who is the real hero of “Citizen Kane”?

a) Barry Kane
b) Marshall Will Kane
c) Charles Foster Kane
d) Xanadu
e) Captain Queeg

Name the three other relevant movie titles implied by the choices.

2) St. Patrick’s Day special: When the hero played by Victor McLaglen shouts “Frankie, your mother forgives me,” he is referring to

a) Frankie Machine
b) Frankie 5 Angels
c) Frankie McPhillips
d) Fred Derry
e) General Frank Savage

Name the novel on which the movie is based.

3) Which of these characters does not figure in “Les Enfants du paradis”?

a) Garance
b) Baptiste
c) Pepe Le Moko
d) Jericho
e) Frederic Lemaitre

Who directed the movie?

4) Who says it? “I wouldn’t even have to act, just be myself.”

a) Moe Green
b) Khartoum
c) Johnny Fontaine
d) Solozzo
e) Barzini

Did he also say, “You don’t buy me out. I buy you out”?

5) Which of these personages survives the bloody finale of “The Wild Bunch”?

a) Pike Bishop
b) Deke Thornton
c) Mrs. Froy
d) Robert E. Lee Prewitt
e) Joel Cairo

True or false: “Pike Bishop” was Sam Peckinpah’s sneaky way of predicting the disappearance of Bishop Pike in the summer of 1969.

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