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Admit it! New Year Resolutions are a tough cookie to crack and especially when you are more than half a year down! But have you ever wondered why they are so hard to follow through? It’s all in the approach we have towards them. We set high expectations for ourselves and failing to live up to them just disappoints us and it’s downhill from there on! That’s why it is so important to know how to make  address these resolutions and challenges associated with them.

Though more than half a year is gone by, instead of feeling guilty and lamenting on how much time has been wasted, it is time to pull up your socks and get set go on those resolutions!


Leading a Healthier Life

Leading a Healthier Life

Gyms thrive on this New Year resolution. Come January, the gyms are crowded as Rajiv Chowk but once the 1st week of January is gone, those same gyms are as empty as our wallets on the 3rd week of every month. The best way to tackle your lag in fitness resolution is to stay motivated. Unfortunately, that does not come solely from gyms. You need to stay motivated with constant fitness updates. This is where your fitness band comes into play.

With daily target settings, constant health updates, reminders to move around, multiple sports mode to keep you on your toes and goal completion reminders they are the perfect fitness motivator/partner that ensures you follow through your fitness goals.


More Me Time

More Me Time

Given the crazy hectic lifestyle that all of us lead, at times its quite difficult to carve out that precious me time. That’s why you need to take those moments wherever and whenever you get them. One of the best ways to do this is by listening to music.

One of the most sought after options in the market is Bluetooth Headphones. Wireless, great sound with noise-canceling feature, stylish on the outside delivering powerful music on the inside, uber-stylish are just some of the features that make them your go-to Me Time Partner.

If you are looking for options then Noise has a bunch of Bluetooth headphones that will suit you perfectly whatever your lifestyle or music needs are.


Travel More

Travel More

This is one of the best resolutions that one can make at the beginning of the year. It doesn’t matter if you were not able to keep it until now. With the weather improving and most of the year gone, you are in a better position to plan and execute your best travel plans for either extreme ends – mountains or beaches.

Need more incentive to plan your travels? Get yourself an action camera. Built for outdoors, no matter the terrain, compact and light enough to fit in anywhere and good picture and video quality, you’ll not only have the best time but will also have memories to relive them.


Practicing Gratitude

Practicing Gratitude

Last but certainly not least, this one needs to be practiced daily. Whether you are starting out now or a week later, practicing gratitude can change a lot of things. Right from becoming happier and developing a positive outlook towards life, you will become more equipped to deal with the challenges that come your way. So even if you have cribbed all along now is the time to change and start with mentioning with at least 5 positive things that have happened in your day.

So, don’t worry about time gone and start concentrating on all that can be done now.

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