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Photos by Runa Andersen

Now, no need to introduce them, but the first time that I heard about The Mystery Light was by a friend of New York. He called me after a show and ordered me to listen that band because it supposed to be my strait jam.

I obeyed right away, I looked up on Youtube and Spotify and my friend was absolutely right!

Once my french ass back in Brooklyn,I went to few Mystery Lights shows (they were actually one of our favorite live acts in 2017) but one of the most memorable show was at Market Hotel (just after they reopened) and that was again absolutely lit. I remember the legendary jumps by Mike and the energy of the audience singing the lyrics of most of the songs.

So when I heard that they were ending their tour with a show in Athens (where I currently was), I jumped on the occasion to go and meet them.

In the nice venue in the center of the city, a lot of leather jackets within the packed crowd, faces excited, fresh Greek beers, Mystery Lights was really expected here. After 62 days of a EU tour the band was ready to give their last show and to sell out their merch, of course nobody seemed disappointed.

This is the final show of your EU tour, how was it?

Was great! First time ever playing in Greece, and was pretty shocked at the turn out in Athens! Despite many of the technical difficulties that were tossed at us during the show (broken light console and smoke machine, strings breaking and chords getting unplugged left and right, to name just a few), it was pretty wild one! We’d love to come back to Athens and do it again as soon as we can.

Can you tell me if you felt some difference between the EU countries? The audiences? 

Well, there’s definitely a difference in how they react to our music. Some crowds are wilder than others, but all are pretty fun regardless. Even the tame crowds will sing along and have a good time. Another big difference is definitely in the food and gas station stops. Hospitality is always pretty great… but even those backstage spreads and booze will differ. Which is all part of the fun.

Where did you felt the most welcome? 

We felt welcome every night on this tour actually! Was a nice feeling. But definitely more so in places like Paris France, and Zurich (and Fribourg) Switzerland, where they lost there minds and went absolutely mental right from the beginning of the show to the very end.

Can you tell me what are the major differences between touring in US and in EU ? Do you feel that the audience is really different in EU vs US? 

The hospitality is definitely different. EU usually fulfills the rider, gets you a decent hotel to sleep in and treats you like an artist. The US usually hands you two drink tickets and maybe a meal ticket if you are lucky. They rarely ever fulfill the rider and after the show you usually get a nice foot in the ass. And the crowds are a lot tougher to impress in the states than those in the EU for sure. But both have their charm. We love the US for different reasons than the EU, and vice versa. Love em both. Much more comfortable and easier touring the EU though, that’s for sure. Which is why you’ll see us return quite often.

What did you enjoy the most during this specific tour? 

We had a full day off in Paris which we’ve never had before, so that was nice. Then after our Athens show, we spent another 3 days off there, exploring and relaxing post tour. And the food has been incredible! Definitely a highlight for us. Here the ognons taste like real ognons!

What did you miss the most? 

What did we miss being away from New York / home? If that’s the question, then we definitely missed a good Chorizo taco, hot sauce and michelladas!

This is not your first time touring in Europe, what change over the years? 

Our audience has definitely grown and warmed up to us a lot more. They seem to know all the songs, and what to expect from our shows, so they are much more comfortable singing along, dancing and jumping around. The shows have gotten a lot more exciting due to this for sure.

What are thinking about the Rock scene in Europe? 

They love rock’n’roll in Europe. They go absolutely crazy for it. Not sure how the “scene” is really, but they definitely know their shit.

Did you meet some other bands/musicians during this tour? 

Yeah! We had a week run in France with a guy named Rod Hamdallah (from Atlanta Georgia USA!) and his backing band from France who were a shit ton of fun to hang with, and had really good taste in music and humor. There were definitely others, but I can’t remember all their names. All seems a blur right now to be honest.

Do you have time to create on tour? Is that a specific moment for some inspiration? 

Unfortunately not. We are too caught up in the tour, trying to fight hangovers and catch up on as much sleep as possible. Sometimes there are moments of inspiration, while in the midst of travel or perhaps during a spontaneous jam at soundcheck or sometimes even during the show. But we usually do most of our writing in between tours.

Touring is it Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’roll or is it just a cheesy cliche?

It CAN be like that, at times, but definitely not always.

What are your plans once being back in NYC? 

We plan to catch up on some sleep, then work on a 3rd record.

What can we wish to The Mystery Lights for the future? 

A new album as soon as possible!

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