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For its latest Limited Edition collection, Weekday partners with a tech startup transforming food crop waste into brand new fibres. *Agraloop* makes high-value fibre from crop waste – in this case, waste from oil-seed hemp production – while at the same time providing environmental and social benefits, transcending the industry’s goal of achieving zero impact.

Weekday pushes into the future with Plant-Based Limited Edition, a unisex collection with plant dyed basics and denim enhanced with hemp.

The use of hemp fibre is already making its way into Weekday’s main collections. A hemp-organic cotton blend is already in rotation in a couple of denim styles (white and ecru), and the plan is to increase the use, for indigo styles as well, in the fall.

Taking inspiration from the modern tree-hugger’, the design team envisions a conscious person with a holistic mindset and an aesthetic edge. The collection manifests Weekday’s idea of doing great signature denim, setting the mind free from what jeans ’should be’. This time, it’s about sculptural, exaggerated silhouettes and smart lace detailing. Standout pieces include the Mabel Jacket with detachable sleeves, as well as the Plant-Based Jeans and Woody Skirt, both multifunctional too. The only plant-based dye is used throughout the collection.

Hemp as a textile can make you think of veggie spread and clothes that are available in health food stores. We like that association and decided to maximize it in a few stand- alone pieces. The cotton-hemp blend has a rough structure and we let it speak for itself, with sculptural silhouettes combined with lacing that allows for versatility

*Alice Shulman, Responsible Designer Womenswear

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