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Supreme is known for a lot of things. Its iconic box logo, its keystone placement in reselling culture, and maybe most of all, its ability to sell completely random products donning its logo. Most recently its collab with Oreos made headlines for being a culmination of all three, and being listed for tens of thousands on eBay already.

In our new video series, “In or Out,” we asked K-pop star Eric Nam—who, after playing shows around the world, maybe knows a thing or two about culture—what he thought about the brand, and its affinity for slapping a logo on items like bricks and cookies to much success.

“I don’t want to get hated on, but out,” Nam said. “I’m sorry. I know people love Supreme. I never got on the wagon. I haven’t seen anything from them recently that’s like, Oh, that’s cool. And when you paint a brick and you’re like selling it for a thousand dollars, I don’t get it. You do capitalism, but still don’t get it.”

Nam, who has performed in the same festivals as stars like Lorde and SZA, isn’t even in on the Oreos. (“That is such a temporary, gimmicky, novelty trick. I’m not for it.”) Check out the rest of the video, where—in addition to sharing his thoughts on dad hats, corduroy, and Bong Joon Ho—Nam makes a prediction about the next big thing to hit our culture.

“I think ’90s nostalgia had a moment over the past three, four years where it was cool,” he said. “And it will always be cool. But I feel like we’re going to hit the 2000s nostalgia in about a month. So everybody will be about Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Christina Aguilera, all that mid-2000s hip-hop. It’s gonna come back.”


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