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Vinny Walker meets his maker during the whodunnit storyline opener but will his death be swept under the rug like Emma’s was?

Thomas’ former BFF, Vinny Walker will be one to bite the dust in The Bold and the Beautiful’s murder mystery storyline. Today’s episode sees Liam share a private moment with estranged wife Hope while his dad, Bill talks to Brooke about their children’s crumbling marriage. One the way home, the father-son duo end up hitting something. Getting out of the car, they find its dear old Vincent who has been struck.

Now, we need to say this. At the end of the episode, despite being in bad shape, Vinny is still alive. However, judging by the promo via BethHopeSpencer on Instagram:

[Credit: @hopebethspencer – Instagram]

Vinny will likely die of his injuries. Though, this is not going to be a standard and cut and dry storyline. We know who kills him but how long will Liam able to keep the accident a secret? From the promo posted above, Bill wants to swipe the situation under the rug but his son feels terrible about running someone down.

Now, Liam is not the first person in Bold’s long history to kill someone via a car.

Darla Forrester was hit by a car driven by Taylor Hayes who covers up her involvement.

A couple of years ago, Justin Barber’s niece, Emma was run off the road by Thomas and left to die as a way to silence her. Not to mention, Phoebe was killed in a car crash in a car driven by Rick.

We heard in today’s episode that Liam hates the guy. This is because he attempted to play god with their lives just so Thomas could have Hope. While Vinny had good intentions, it wrecked even more havoc in Lope’s marriage.

Are we sad that Vinny is the one who dies? Not really.

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