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Do your hands get cold while you type away at your computer keyboard? Mine do here in my drafty office with the snow falling outside my window. And while I could just type with gloves on, I think some USB-powered hand warmers might be better a better idea. These should do the trick.

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These Smoko Toasty Handwarmers should keep your hands from freezing up while click-clacking all day at your keyboard. Just strap one of these plush Kawaii-style bears to each of your mitts, and you’ll feel toasty and look good doing it. They offer two different temperature settings and plug into a standard USB charger to generate warm and fuzzy feelings.

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They’re available for pre-order now for $35 a pair over at Urban Outfitters, and are expected to start shipping on 2/19/2020, so we’ll should still be in the depths of winter here in much of the Northern Hemisphere at that point.

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