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TTSWTRS, a well-known Ukrainian brand, continues to observe Earth treasure and presents the FW 21/22 collection “Water Series’ – a tribute to the Water. The collection transfers the unique Water ability to the energy, mood of the person nearby, music, or even texts. 


The collection was inspired by a photo of a lonely iceberg by Ksenia Kargina – a famous Ukrainian photographer, that she took for her project “Naked landscape”, which was aimed to show the beauty of The Earth. The photos were transferred to the clothing in a more special way – inside, as a reminder of how crucial it is to care about the natural resources.

The silk line in the collection was done in collaboration with Japanese tattoo artist Nissaco and Ukrainian tattoo artist Nikita Khomiakov.

The collection “Water Series’ consists of 43 units, as due to environmental issues TTSWTRS reduced the number of pieces three times.  The main colour of the collection is white with splashes of the colour of the water. 

Taking an eco-futuristic approach, a standout piece in the collection is a puff Tyvek jacket with the iceberg picture inside. As a result of collaboration with a tattoo, masters were created unisex silk robe and pijama with tattoos floating from the water. The most spectacular and most complicated pieces are silk dress and patent leather overall with exaggerated cuts with oil drips and the inscription “Your strike for climate”.  

The significant piece is the Waterbody overall that is the experiment of the TTSWTRS graphic designer and gives the visual illusion of water inside you. 

The Water series also includes iconic “second skin” patent leather overall and bodices, oversized jackets, jumpers and dresses. The choice of fabrics — traditional for the brand’s autumn/winter collections – Tyvek, raincoat fabric, translucent Supplex and silk. 

“This collection is my manifest to Water. I love and sincerely admire it. I think that we treat Water without due respect and admiration. And on many planets, it does not exist at all. We were wildly happy. I wanted to convey my admiration for its colour, character and states.” – says Anna Osmiekhina about The Water series. 


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