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I had an amazing time speaking with Joshua Corwin who recently and singlehandedly created the poetry podcast Assiduous Dust where he hosts a poetry interview and performance with guests. He asks guests to make up poems on the fly or read their own. For episode #4, I chat with Corwin, talk poetry advocacy, read some poems, and create a found poem on the fly, in exquisite corpse style. You can read the poem Corwin and I wrote together, referencing some of our favorite books we had on hand. I mention Provo Poetry, Marianne Hales Harding, Paisley Rekdal, Utah poetry events and AWP affected by Covid-19,

Make sure to listen to the second half of the episode to hear Corwin’s interview with Rick Lupert founder of Poetry Super Highway.

Click here to listen to the podcast or click Play below.

Episode #4 of Assiduous Dust AVAILABLE NOW! Host Joshua Corwin interviews award-winning authors Trish Hopkinson and Rick Lupert. Listen to them share their latest work, discuss poetry, feminism, atheism, Judaism, jokes, and create on-the-spot poems with your host. AVAILABLE ON Anchor FM, Overcast, RadioPublic, Apple Podcast, Spotify & more! NEXT EPISODE: S.A. GRIFFIN + John Burroughs in April.

Here’s the OTSCP (On the Spot Collaborative Poem) we wrote together at the end of the interview, alternating lines compiled from words found within the books referenced below. OTSCP is a unique approach to creating a poem and is an original idea Corwin designed specifically for Assiduous Dust. Corwin asked me to have a few books out, ready to skim pages and select words and random to create alternating lines.

Moan time… Would you like to enjoy a martini with me?

This box a container, a giant myself. Belly quiver—
Team-building. I scribble anonymously the windmills
             of the universe,
Sat in the telephone booth, nervous and demanding
             two or three—
Hollywood ecstasy destroyed my mirrored gaze, night-
             mares of mirror, my poems Russian and Amer-
             ican Kami-chi
Criss-cross of chain-link, warehouse graffiti, empty,
             dark inside football fields, yellow lines run-
             ning right up to the battered porch,
Censorship tampering this brain-washing “freedom-
             of-speech” self: monsters, my secret notebook,
One day into the bathtub clear, hot water, bending a
             knee, resting on another’s hip
For a second, I’m happy. I don’t remember …
             It happened. The good ones don’t yet exist.
They could be dead in a ditch,
an Elizabethan birdcage.
Don’t toss feathers.

Moan time…

Is the brightest thing… I’m on this train…
Voicing what… no one… else… wants… to… say…
I’m broken in two.
Submit your greatest fear now
It’s already night, a barrage of texts, I take out my phone
of agitated fanatics, undoubtedly monstrous,
rendered in memory:
the poor sick junkies’ a skeletal physique,
October trees blur, radiating purple sky, towns in fog.
Forum, Rome, Bickford’s Employment, damned nations fabled,
Yellow foam spilling out the tear— I’m in the passenger seat.
The unspeakable Rwanda
Would you like to enjoy a martini with me?
But I’m not interested in preventing Asia from being Asia.

A found poem by Joshua Corwin and Trish Hopkinson


  • Barry Gifford, Wild at Heart: The Story of Sailor and Lula (Grove Press, 1990)
  • Seema Reza, When the World Breaks Open (Red Hen Press, 2016)
  • Ocean Vuong, On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous (Penguin Press, 2019)


  • Dani Putney’s “Imago,” Foothill Poetry Journal, Vol. 9. [pp.22-3]

Foothill Poetry Journal is run by Claremont Graduate University and publishes students enrolled in MFA programs nationally and internationally. At the time of her submission to Foothill, she was in the Missouri University for Women MFA Program.

  • Allen Ginsberg, Collected Works 1947-1980 (Harper & Row, 1984) [pp.168-9]
  • Baz Dreisinger, Incarcerated Nations: A Journey to Justice in Prisons Around the World (Other Press, LLC, 2016) [pp.38-9]

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