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Comedy Central today extended The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Now from 30 to 45 minutes — just in time for the late-night host to weigh on President Donald Trump’s historic remarks about self-bleaching to stave off the coronavirus.

“From the beginning of this crisis, Donald Trump has been saying a lot not-smart things,” Noah said in his monologue from home about “the Pandumic,” going on to cite a few examples. “But a few days ago, as you’ve probably heard by now, President Trump created shock waves of stupidity with his latest and probably greatest unlicensed medical opinion yet.”

Cue the news montage, after which Noah remarked, “This is maybe the first time in documented history that we’ve seen someone not thinking out loud. Injecting disinfectants into your body? This is the problem when the dumbest person in the room thinks they’re the smartest person.”

Watch the segment above, and a few more tidbits from tonight’s inaugural 45-minute Daily Social Distancing Show are below.
Start with Spain, Italy and New Zealand starting to see a decline of COVID-19 cases, a Japanese mayor making sexist comments about essential shopping trips, and South African president Cyril Ramaphosa enduring a major mask faux pas:

On a more serious note, Noah talks with Atlanta Mayor about Keisha Lance Bottoms the risks of opening up Georgia for business earlier than medical experts recommend:

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