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Good news, Train to Busan fans. The director of the 2016’s Korean zombie horror hit, Yeon Sang-ho, is set to direct a new Netflix animated series called Hellbound. Yeon is already on our radar these days thanks to his unofficial sequel to Train to BusanPeninsula, currently set for release in 2020.


Image via Pan Media and Entertainment

But it looks like we’re going to have to officially file Yeon under “Directors to Watch” because he has once again secured a fascinating project worth keeping tabs on. Per Screen Daily, Yeon will direct the forthcoming Netflix series Hellbound. Screen Daily reports Hellbound is based on a Korean webtoon called Hell, whose story is about “surviving under social chaos when a group of supernatural beings appear and condemn people to hell. A new religious group interprets them as the will of the divine.”

What’s unclear at this time is whether Hellbound will also be animated or if it will be live-action. What we do know is that Yeon will be collaborating with illustrator Choi Gyu-seok, who has experience with turning a webtoon into a series after his webtoon Songgot got the series treatment back in 2015. Hellbound will also be produced by Korea’s Lezhin Studio, which specializes in taking webtoons and turning them into movies, video games, and more. Combined with the power of Netflix, there’s now doubt this new show is going to be a fun one. Start clearing your queues now, friends.

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