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“Do you want to be here with me or is this about something else? Are you in trouble?” asks Merritt Wever in a new trailer for “Run.” Created by “Killing Eve” scribe Vicky Jones, the upcoming HBO romantic comedic thriller sees Wever playing Ruby, a woman whose life changes overnight when her former lover, Billy (Domhnall Gleeson), contacts her in the hopes that she’ll make good on an old promise: the exes once agreed that they’d disappear together if either texted the word “run.”

Though she texts “run” back and meets Billy on a train, Ruby doesn’t seem entirely sold on the idea of starting anew with him. “Why did you text me? Did you break up with somebody? Do you hate your job? Please don’t bullshit me that your life is so brilliantly perfect because if it was, you wouldn’t have texted ‘run’ and you wouldn’t be on this train,” she insists.

Wever won Emmys for “Godless” and “Nurse Jackie.” “Unbelievable” and “Marriage Story” are among her most recent credits.

Jones directed the award-winning stage version of frequent collaborator Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s “Fleabag,” which preceded the hit Amazon series.

“Run” premieres on HBO April 12. Kate Dennis (“GLOW”) directed its pilot. Waller-Bridge is among the series’ exec producers. Check out the trailer to catch a glimpse of the Emmy winner playing a woman Ruby and Billy cross paths with.

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