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Too Deep In With The Auditor is a titillating title and the book lives up to the expectation. When I first came upon this novel I was intrigued and almost immediately started imagining a scene in a smutty movie, but I was highly  entertained by this light-hearted and fun book. The story line is easy to follow and the characters are interesting without being melodramatic. I was enamored with Ellis’s alluring character and how a lot of it was focused on teaching her how to take control and be powerful. Martin was cocky at times but overall an entertaining and stimulating character. It made me laugh that the author wrote him as particularly short. This actually made him more likable and relatable, in my opinion. I enjoyed the flirty energy between Ellis and Martin. I also found it very creative that the author took something typically seen as mundane and/or burdensome and turned it into something sexy. This was definitely a fresh take on auditing for sure! I could tell that the author enjoyed creating this work and that always makes the reading experience that much more pleasurable.  This book was a breeze to read and left me wanting more. This is absolutely perfect for that short plane flight or road trip. You will arrive to your destination with a certain glow! The author clearly sets up the ending for another book so I wonder where she will take the Auditor next!

Pages: 82 | ISBN: 3750469970

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