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Whew chileeeeee! We’re not sure what the appeal is when it comes to NBA Youngboy, but he has these ladies doing a LOT! He was recently posted up on the ‘gram with his allegedly pregnant boo Kay, and Tommie Lee had something interesting to say.

Every time we turn around, Youngboy is with another lady, and it seems like a pregnancy announcement isn’t too far behind. And while it seems like Tommie was just making a little jokey joke, sis pled the fifth!

While NBA was on Instagram live, Tommie seemingly made the comment: “Let me log off this for I get pregnant.” The comment could very well be throwing shots about how easy it is for Youngboy to shoot up the club, but Tommie wasn’t here for anybody twisting her words.

She stepped into The Shade Room claiming her Instagram was hacked, y’all!

The last we heard of Youngboy, he was on great terms with his on-again off-again boo Yaya Mayweather. She had a lot to say on social media after people began criticizing her for involving herself with Youngboy.

The two were even seen sharing a nice lil’ kiss on Instagram live a couple weeks back, so the status current status of their relationship is pretty confusing.

Nevertheless, NBA confirmed that he and Kay had a baby on the way, so we’ll see if he becomes a daddy once again!

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