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This seems like as good a time as any for a blues roundup ....

Albert Collins (pictured above) was one of the best blues singer/guitarists ever. I saw him once at a now-defunct mob-owned cavernous shithole in Boston called the Channel. Albert and his band just tore the fucking place down. Alas, the Ice Man left us in 1993 but his music is still here to make us feel real, real good. Play the blue!

From the album Frostbite, “If You Love Me Like You Say.” (Why you treat me like you do?) The fabulous A.C. Reed on sax:

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There are blues legends and then there is John Lee Hooker. One day I will write a post or two about him. Suffice it to say he is up there in the list of greats with B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy and that crew.

Hooker didn’t write “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer,” but he made it his own. (George Thorogood, of course, did his own great version some years later.) Far be it from me to tell you how to deal with the current virus situation. You are you! But for me, this might be a good coping mechanism, at least for one night.

And then I sit there, drinkin’, gettin’ high, mellow, knocked out, feelin’ good
About that time I looked on the wall, at the old clock on the wall
About that time it was ten-thirty then, I looked down the bar at the bartender, he said
‘What do you want, Johnny?’, one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer

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I’ve written before about Susan Tedeschi. Proud resident of Massachusetts who could have – if she wanted – wound up being perhaps the manager of the chain of her family’s convenience stores. Instead, she chose the path of the blues and never looked back.

She did the solo thing for a while then managed to meet, fall in love with and marry guitar whiz Derek Trucks making her, I suppose, an extended member of the Allman Brothers family. I’ve written before about Tedeschi/Trucks but here Susan flies solo.

This is she and her band doing “It Hurt So Bad” from the great Austin City Limits. Good blues guitarist, terrific singer:

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By now you’re doubtless saying, Ok Mr. Big Shot Blues guy Music Enthusiast, how about some harmonica. Ok, well how about Charlie Musslewhite doing “Good Blues Tonight”?

Charlie has been laying it down ever since 1967. It amuses me no end that it says this about him in Wikipedia: “He has often been identified as a ‘white bluesman.’” You can’t argue with that!

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Let’s end this mini blues-fest with a nice shuffle. Albert Cummings is (coincidentally) another Massachusetts born and bred guitarist. Blown away by the virtuosity of Stevie Ray Vaughn, he started playing with a vengeance in the late ’90s. And then, to quote Wikipedia:

“[His playing] opened up an opportunity for him to work with Double Trouble, the late Stevie Ray Vaughan’s rhythm section. So taken with Cummings’s fire and passion were bassist Tommy Shannon and drummer Chris Layton that they volunteered to play on and produce his solo debut recording, 2003’s self-released From the Heart.

Recorded in Austin, Texas, it featured Cummings fronting Double Trouble (including Reese Winans) in their first recording project since Stevie Ray’s passing.”

From that album, this is “I’ve Got Feelings Too.” Yessir!

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