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Electronic musicians are always looking for new ways to expand their arsenal of sounds. There are lots of different off-the-shelf synthesizers out there, but some of the coolest instruments are the homebrew designs out there. I recently stumbled onto this cool little touch-based synth, and it offers up some really nifty analog sounds.

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Designed by Michael Rucci, the Touch Synthesizer has 15 contact points on its front. The monophonic noisemaker automatically plays the highest pitch of the keys being touched, and it’s both touch sensitive and sensitive to the resistance of its player’s fingertips. In addition, it has a couple of effects points at its ends – one for modulation, and one that makes a sort of scratch effect by altering frequencies. It’s also got control knobs for modulation speed, volume, and a low-pass filter. You can listen to some example sounds it can make in the video demo below:

The little synth runs off of a 9V battery, and has a mono 1/4″ output for connecting to an amplifier or mixing board. Best of all, it’s a bargain at just $45 over on Rucci’s handmade musical instruments Etsy shop.

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