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TSR Talent: Black women are magical and Washington D.C. native Madison Calley is no exception. You don’t see too many harpists these days, or harpists on the Gram for that matter, but Madison is changing the narrative of what a harpist looks like! She has mastered the beautiful instrument, playing for the past 19 years and attended Carnegie Mellon University for harp performance.

Madison said her infatuation with the instrument developed at the young age of 4, when she fell in love with a harpist who would perform Disney songs at a restaurant her family would go to after church. Her love for the instrument bloomed from there and since then, she has performed with musicians such as Willow Smith and CeeLo Green. 

I aim to break boundaries and reshape society’s image of what a harpist looks and sounds like,” Madison said. “I want to advance the notion that black women are excellent artists capable of mastering any skill and achieving any dream.”

Madison is working to release a solo project and perform with some of the worlds top talent. She also wants to establish music programs in underprivileged communities to make learning the harp more accessible to minorities. 

SWIPE to check out Madison’s amazing talent and let us know which one of her covers was your fave!!


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