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Do you drink cans of soda to keep motivated during the day at work? You could get up from your desk and walk over to the vending machine, but that requires too much effort. What you need is your own desktop soda vending machine. This one from Japan should do the trick just fine.

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Thanko’s compact desktop refrigerator holds up to 10 cans of your favorite drinks, and dispenses them with ease. Just load two cans onto each of its five shelves, and when you’re ready for an icy cold beverage, just push the appropriate button. The only problem with this design is that since it doesn’t require payment, you can’t charge your office mates if they want to pilfer one of your cans of Dr. Pepper.

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The desktop soda vending machine is available from Thanko Japan, where it sells for ¥14800 (~$138 USD). I’m not sure if you can get one shipped to the US, but it’s worth a shot if you want one.

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