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That thing is still spooky, even without having reached its final form.
Image: Netflix

You only need to have seen the very beginning of The Witcher to have witnessed Geralt’s battle with the Kikimora—a muddy, flailing clash of legs and weapons that sets the stage for the entire series. Now, a new behind-the-scenes video with the show’s fight coordinator takes us through the creation of that scene.

Vladimir Furdik—also known as the guy who played Game of Thrones’ Night King!—works out the movements with the help of fellow stunt people, all holding pipes to simulate the Kikimora’s grotesque legs as it struggles with the Witcher…even as the fight moves underwater.

Fortunately, this rehearsal contains no swamp and absolutely zero spider-monster drool. The Witcher’s first season is now available on Netflix, with a second season on the way.

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