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10 Mar 2020

By Melissa Erin Jackson

A reader recently described my Witch of Edgehill series as “modern and edgy cozies.” I loved that. As a fan of both darker crime fiction and lighter cozy mysteries, this series has started to fall somewhere in the middle of those loves. Pawsitively Cursed, the second book in the series, is a good example of those two passions intersecting. On one end of the spectrum, you have the cat-obsessed town of Edgehill, Oregon, which has streets such as Russian Blue Avenue and Ocicat Lane, and businesses like the Quirky Whisker and Purrfectly Scrumptious. On the other end, there’s the mystery of who—or what—killed the parents of Amber Blackwood in a house fire fourteen years ago.

While Edgehill prepares for a junior fashion show which is rumored will be attended by an eccentric reality TV host—whose mere presence causes scores of hopeful fans to flood the small town—Amber uses her magic to relive painful memories of her parents’ lives and deaths, causing her wounds of grief to reopen. Her younger sister Willow and aunt Gretchen join Amber on this painful journey down memory lane, but while there are tears, there’s also a night of line dancing at the Sippin’ Siamese and a makeover given to a stuffy aunt who has been trying her hardest for the past fourteen years to do whatever she can to make sure “her girls” are happy.

Pawsitively Cursed is about magic and grief, witchcraft and self-acceptance, small town gossip and long-held family secrets. It’s both light and dark and I hope you enjoy the happy place in the middle as much as I do.

And the cat puns.

You can never have too many cat puns.

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