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Holidays are definitely ‘holy-days’, given we get a much-deserved break from the usual rut of the routine. Every holiday season we look for escapes from our daily life, to go to a place where no one knows our name or identity just for a few days, to blow off some steam or as the slang says it, to ‘chill’.

But with that being said, travelling can prove to be cumbersome. We all want the exotic beaches of Thailand or the beautiful mountain and views of Manali; to swim in the fresh ocean water or sip onto hot tea while sitting in a cozy sweater in the hotel balcony.

But the traveling with a Bluetooth Smartwatch, now that drives us crazy!

Hours on the airplane seat or the long car ride make us lethargic and annoyed. Just because you are in the chill vacay zone doesn’t mean that you have to be inactive barring some Instastory posting, there are plenty of things you can do to stay active while vacationing.

Read ahead!


Sitting continuously for hours can make the body stiff and lead to motion sickness, joint pains and at times even headaches. It’s very important to move while you’re travelling.

However, it isn’t possible for you to perform a workout on an airplane seat now is it?

Well, we got you covered!

You can perform very basic stretches right at your seat that will get your blood flowing in no time. For instance, roll your neck or your ankles; do a spinal twist on your seat itself and the like.

The NoiseFit Evolve is a Bluetooth smartwatch that has sedentary reminders so that you don’t forget to move now and then. 

Walking up and down the airplane aisle is also a way to get some movement. After all, airplane rides aren’t just about (move)ies now, are they?

Bond, Hydrogen Bond

Yep, you read that right! Water is the real James bond. Keeping yourself hydrated is essential in general, routine life. However, it holds greater importance while you travel since your activity levels go way up.

Drinking water has two-fold benefits:

a) of course, helps you remain hydrated,

b) provides you with the movement you need as you walk up to the bar and ask for another glass of water.

You might think there’s no electronic device that can help you with this now. Well, let us ‘float’ some news! The NoiseFit Evolve also has hydration reminders!

Could a Bluetooth smartwatch be any better? Now all you gotta do is wear your fitness tracker and ‘go with the flow’!


A lot of people go on trips to places where one has to either go into the ocean water for a dip or climb some rocks or go on a hike.

Well, all these things are nothing but a part of the ‘adrenaline adventurer’ in you! Now how would you feel if we tell you, that while you perform all these activities, you can actually track them as a part of your workout?

The Noise ColorFit PRO 2 supports 9 sports modes that help you track your hikes, walks and even yoga!

And that’s not the end of the show, the NoiseFit evolve helps you track activities like indoor and outdoor running and even swimming!

Talking about swimming, both the aforementioned Bluetooth smartwatches are waterproof too! Gone are the days where someone had to stay back on the beach while the rest went for a dip, to take care of all the electronics. 

Lying in the swimming pool, we often lose track of ‘time’, well with the NoiseFit evolve and Noise ColorFit PRO 2, do that tension free!

Less is more

The easier you can make your travel, the better. Carrying lesser items of clothing or clothing that can be mixed and matched with different bottoms or styles are heaven-sent. This equally applies while carrying electronics.

The more products you carry, the more chargers you need to load on. Conclusion? You’ll be tangled in wires when the only wires you wanted were the harness wires while you rock climb!

Making travel easier and helping you stay active simply means ‘less is more’.

The Noise ColorFit PRO 2 helps you do exactly that!


Imagine yourself sitting on a camel, in the beautiful evening weather of the desert, with your phone somewhere deep in your purse.

You suddenly hear a ‘ping! ‘.

What would be easier? Digging deep into your purse to find your phone and totally ruining your amazing camel ride or being able to read the notification right on your wrist?

The latter, yes! The Noise ColorFit PRO 2 shows all the notifications, calls and SMS alerts right on your Fitness smartwatch!

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