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Marge starts working before she can even figure out what she’s selling. Is this what RadioShack is now? She sees candy, bath bombs and blow torches, but can’t put it together. This works for her. It shows how little anyone needs to know about what they’re peddling to move it. Superintendent Chalmers falls for her no-frills fumbling sales pitch and she makes a hundred dollar sale. Marge tells Principal Skinner’s mother that while she can’t fix her phone she can help with her arthritis. After a couple Yummy Gummies, Agnes Skinner is just happy enough to make Seymour’s life slightly less miserable. Agnes is also very impressed by his shiny objects and, for the first time in the series, her son’s job.

The Simpsons have always said yes to pot, except for Marge, apparently, although she did once credit her parenting skills to LSD, love for her son and daughters. When Lisa was president in a flash-forward episode, the only favor Bart asked was to legalize it. Even Chief Wiggum jammed to Bob Marley tunes while investigating who let the dogs out. Now that it’s legal in Springfield, who better to sell it than Marge. Everyone trusts her as a voice of reason and as the greatest enabler in the county. Springfield thrives on its freedoms, which have earned it such accolades as having the heaviest residents in the country. Marge is positively stoked by her immediate acceptance into the cannabinoid cabal, but she can’t see herself as a reefer sales lady. “Water skiing is also legal,” but you won’t see her selling that, she reasons. It is a little strange she’s the one who resists. She’s treated with respect at the Well+Good store and even her hair is considered cool.

Krusty the Clown never met a fad he didn’t feel compelled to leech off and his advertising has always been comedy gold. His Krusty-Os have come with tummy-tearing jagged metal surprises and flesh eating bacteria, his Krusty Burgers were made from real mad cow diseased meat, and his rib sandwiches go on their own tours. He’s also consistently out-of-date and steps on his own jokes with his big clown shoes. The Krusty’s Munchy Mouthfuls commercial starts with sitar music, which might have been hip as a cinematic tipoff back in the sixties, except it wasn’t and continues not to be. He also promises it’s “high time” you try them. Just when you think he can’t be less transparent, he throws in a “wink wink” or a “get it” to hammer the thinly veiled circumlocution home. This isn’t to say Krusty can’t be subtle. He is offering his deep-fried ribwich on a doughnut and spaghetti filled sandwiches after all.  

We’ve been getting to know quite a bit more about secondary characters this season. We delve deeper into Drederick Tatum and learn he became the World Heavyweight Champion with a very specific and offbeat boxing training. He’s got a punching hand and a blocking face. The imagination soars at how he could have remained undefeated, and conscious, for so long. Simpsons history says he’s never suffered a knockout. But we learn his head and hands both took a hard beating that can only be eased by a few pulls on a Pikachu bong. Tatum is also very upfront. At one point he greets Marge by saying he hopes her husband wasn’t too upset about the treachery. I loved his reading of “thank you monster man hallucination” when he first meets Moe.

Homer gets an edumacation in this episode. First, he learns some families spend dinner time discussing something they learned that day and then he has a true epiphany. His hopes and dreams are palpable when he discovers people can actually work in a liquor store. It’s like Dennis Leary’s bit about how the Irish should envy Russians because they figured out how to make vodka from potatoes. It is a sad irony of life such riches are held from those most thirsty. The series plays with its own clichés as Bart brushes away the imagination clouds forming around his father and tells the big guy to stay with it.

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