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Cozy Mystery, Paranormal


Release Date:
September 13, 2019

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Goodsprings Georgia is home to a secret witch’s coven. Sam, earth witch, owns the local smoothie shop. She likes to put a little magic in her brew and she can cure most ailments with her smoothie potions. Her one employee, David aka Tank, has tattoos out the ying yang and a Harley in the parking lot. Regular customer Phineas and his pet rooster Chuckles enjoy lounging in the shop’s courtyard seating. Chuckles gets his own shot glass of magic brew. Lucky bird.

Tessa, fire witch, owns the hottest grill in town. Mara, wind witch, can hear the whispers of the town, which comes in handy when an investigation is needed.

Amelia Windemere was the coven’s water witch until her untimely demise. She wasn’t the most loved person in town….oh heck, she was the most despised. But how does a water witch drown? Are there witch hunters in town or something more evil? And why did the police force hire two new twin detectives just in time for a murder?

Find out in the first installment of the Happy Blending Witch Cozy Mystery Series

My Review

Samantha Greene runs the local smoothie shop. She’s always coming up with new concoctions to try out on her friends and customers. Sam likes to add a bit of “magic” to each drink. After all, she’s a witch and part of Goodsprings’ witch coven. Sam isn’t alone. There are a couple of close friends who are also witches – Tessa and Mara.

When the group gets together, the sparks more than fly, especially when Amelia Windemere (the water witch) joins them. Amelia is not a very likeable or popular person. Her untimely death is proof of that. She drowns, which is unheard of for a water witch. Sam and her friends know something more sinister is going on and they intend to find out what it is.

This is a fun cozy filled with some offbeat characters. It’s a much different cozy mystery than I’m used to.  Magic and mystery are mixed together for an explosive story. I can easily see some of these scenes played out on a movie or TV screen.

This is the first book in the series.  It moves along at a fast pace and can be read in one sitting. I’m looking forward to reading more of this series.

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Disclosure: I borrowed this one through Kindle Unlimited. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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