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With Valentine’s Day coming up, everyone’s either finding the perfect gift or the perfect look for their much-awaited date with their crush or partners.

But is looking good only about the clothes you wear? Or can the perfect V-Day gift always have to be roses?

Well, the answer is NO!

We’re your cupid this year and we’ll tell you how to step up your Valentine’s game!

In the present age and technology, Bluetooth Smartwatches have become essential for our existence; they’re actually a part of your everyday dressing fashion. Fitness smartwatches, or say, activity trackers provide the user with several features other than showing the time. No wonder we call it the ‘smart’ watch!

But are smartwatches the real way to go in the future? Since we talked about Valentine’s Day, will a fitness smartwatch fit into your V-Day plans?

Read on to figure out if smartwatches are the future or fad!


The biggest advantage offered by a Bluetooth smartwatch is how comfortable it makes the user experience. With a plethora of features stuffed right into a tiny device you wear on your wrist, it’s the best you can ever have!

Let us take into consideration, our Bluetooth Smartwatch, Noise ColorFit PRO 2. This fitness tracker provides so many advantages that you won’t be able to step out of the house without this baby!

For instance, the Noise ColorFit PRO 2, offers a ‘breathe mode’ to help control your stress and anxiety levels, for when you get real nervous just waiting at the coffee house waiting for him/her to come!

Another striking feature of this Bluetooth smartwatch is a menstrual tracker for the ladies. No to marking calendars now!

How it fits into your V-Day plans: The comfort is much required when going out on a date. With a Bluetooth smartwatch, you have everything on your fingertips so you never have to worry about missing out on anything while giving complete attention to your partner!


All Bluetooth smartwatches, i.e, the Noise ColorFit PRO 2, NoiseFit EVOLVE and the NoiseFit Fusion show all your social media notifications plus SMS and call alerts right on your wrist!

You’ll never have to miss out on anything while you’re outside!

Moreover, you won’t ever miss their text or call even when you’re riding your bike with your favourite tune playing in your mental music album, driving to the cafe you met at for the first time, for a V-Day date!

How it fits into your V-Day plans: Do you always have work at the office? Or are you always required to be a part of some or the other important meeting?

Well, meeting up with your girlfriend is no less important than a business meeting!

Thanks to Bluetooth smartwatches, you can now see whatever updates your colleagues have to give you while you enjoy a delicious lasagne at your favourite Italian place! Win-win!

Looks Great and Goes Long:

All good things are round; doughnuts, rings and the NoiseFit Evolve!

This Bluetooth smartwatch; the NoiseFit Evolve is our round dial smartwatch that mixes style, class, and features.

Bluetooth smartwatches portray magnanimous magnificence. Who says you can’t wear a Bluetooth smartwatch with a long, flowy dress or even an evening gown!

Are you a fan of old school? Picking up your date, gifting flowers, walking back home; if all this sounds like your perfect Valentine’s Day, we have the perfect Bluetooth smartwatch for you! 

The NoiseFit Fusion is a fitness tracker, which combines old school and the modern. Don’t ask us how we did it; we always know what you want!  The NoiseFit Fusion is a Bluetooth smartwatch that works both ways; analog and digital. Goes with your tweed jacket AND your leather one too!

Moreover, activity trackers hold a great battery life which is great for the long run. For instance, the NoiseFit Fusion works for 30 days in analog mode and provides a 3-day battery standby in digital mode. Similarly, the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 goes up to a week without charging! Given all our Bluetooth smartwatches are so battery ‘positive’ the NoiseFit EVOLVE couldn’t be left out of the game; it offers a battery life of 3 days and 10 days of battery stand by.

How it fits into your V-Day plans: Looking great requires elegance and class. All the aforementioned Bluetooth smartwatches provide you with that. Now whether you wish to look like a modern tech hunter or someone balanced between the worlds of old school and technology, we got your back!


Bluetooth smartwatches aren’t just looks; they offer so many features that make them one of the best devices a user can possess.

For example, the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 offers to track 9 different sports modes, from yoga to hiking. Similarly, the NoiseFit EVOLVE, tracks even the peculiar sports such as indoor and outdoor running. So, no matter what you do, for leisure or a workout intention, it’s all recorded to provide the best fitness tips!

Moreover, the NoiseFit Fusion offers features like a heart rate sensor and a sleep tracker.

The NoiseFit EVOLVE gives you a little reminder to drink water, when you forget to do so due to anticipation with its hydration reminders.

Health always stands first, and tracking your health is of utmost importance. Well, if something’s that important, we HAVE to make it easier for you to track it!

How it fits into your V-Day plans: The Bluetooth smartwatch, the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 and the NoiseFit EVOLVE also provide sedentary reminders to give you a little push to jump out of your bed and get ready for the big date!

Moreover, feeling great on Valentine’s day is super important and your health plays a big role in how you feel!

Since we found something that fits into everything you require (even Valentines), we definitely think smartwatches are going to be the future!

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