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An open letter,

To all the music lovers, trend-setters and Noisemakers.

Hello there!

This isn’t going to be some regular write up you read on the internet. Since we’re talking about an exceptional product, it requires a phenomenal way to present it to you. This is our personalized letter to each one of you.

Ever understood the rationale behind most electronics being the standard black or white? Or tried to figure out the one product which makes you go like ‘This is it. This is the one’?

Whatever we decide on purchasing, we often are expected to come to terms with compromising on something or the other.

Well, if that’s the case with you, we’re here to rescue you with our new Noise Shots XO Truly Wireless Earphones!

Don’t believe us?

Well, read it for yourself!

  1. Bling Factor

The Noise Shots XO are the perfect fit for all our ‘budding’ social media influencers. With a splendid round case, these Bluetooth earplugs provide you with all the elegance you’ll ever need.

The Wireless Earphones are offered in 3 gorgeous metallic shades: black, white and rose gold.

It’s true ‘all that glitters is not gold’; its rose gold!

Now be it New Year’s Eve, a date night or regular days at work, you always have something to flaunt about. After all, how many people can match their earbuds to their outfits?

We promise something out-of-the-box and well, given how amazing these Bluetooth earphones will look on you, you won’t want to keep them in the box anyway!

You ‘g-literally’ won’t be able to keep your hands off these!

  1. A Song of Water and Wire:

As much as the Noise Shots XO are a treat for the eyes and well the ears, they’re not just ‘another pair of metallic earbuds with a battery that won’t quit’.

Talking about the battery, these Bluetooth earphones provide playback of 6 hours on a single charge and 30 hours with charging. That comes to a total of 36 hours!

But what is so amazing about these earphones, one may wonder.

The Noise Shots XO are our first ever earphones that support wireless charging! We’ve made it as easy as just placing the Shots XO case on the compatible charging pad and voila! Battery full.

Imagine running late for a meeting one morning, quickly packing your bag and your mom asking you “did you keep your lunch?” and dad going like ‘this is why I tell you to wake up on time, now run!’

Amidst all this chaos, you finally take a sigh of relief in the Uber until you realise you forgot your charging pad.

Well not to worry, we got this covered!

The Noise shots XO can also be charged with a C type USB cable too, just like your smartphone.

Best of both worlds.


  1. Pure Sound

Powered by Qualcomm, the Noise shots XO are a music lover’s saviours. Groove to your favourite beats when you feel like going a little crazy or listen to the calming sounds while you awaken the inner artist in you.

  1. Other features that set it apart

Some other features that make the Noise Shots XO a ‘full package’ include the fact that they’re sweatproof. ‘Train like a beast’ and don’t ever worry about ruining these ‘beauties’!

Not just this but the Bluetooth earphones come with a Bluetooth v5.0, giving you stability up to 10 meters. Now you can easily leave your laptop on your bed AND listen to the series while you dig into the freezer for a guilty midnight ice cream binge.

No more missing Gaitonde’s secret.

All the controls lie on the Bluetooth Earphones, providing easy access to attend/decline calls or change your music when you’re stuck in a crowded metro!

The buds come with noise cancellation, providing the clearest of sounds even in the noisiest environments.

Now listen to all the tea that your best friend spills, in peace!

The Noise shots XO have been specially curated for all who like to leave their mark. Walking down the street with these in your ears is sure to make some heads turn.

Ab koi nahi hai ‘jisne mud kar mujhe nahi dekha!’

From the Noise family,

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