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Dakini is more than curious. She has a deep need to know who she is, where she came from, and the truth about her family’s past. While doing research on storytelling, Dakini finds herself in the presence of one Lady Monica. When she meets Lady Monica, she has no way of knowing how much she will learn about the art of storytelling and her own life. Encouraged to read an old tale, Dakini loses herself in the story presented to her as historically accurate. The lives and influences of mermaids add a whole new perspective to both Dakini’s work and to her own past.

The Mermaid’s Grandson, by Eleanor Tremayne, is the story of one woman’s research into the lives of merfolk. Readers watch as she absorbs the story of Serena and Joseph, a most unique love story. From their unique sexual bond to their conception of a child half-human and half-merfolk, Joseph and Serena’s story is one to behold. Dakini learns alongside the reader; she gains knowledge, completes her research, and makes one discovery after another and encounters one rare bit of information after another about merfolk.

Uniquely presented, The Mermaid’s Grandson exists as a story within a story. Readers who enjoy a mix of historical fiction and fantasy will appreciate Tremayne’s work. The author weaves elements into Serena’s story such as mentions of historical figures and famous people like F. Scott Fitzgerald and David Beckham. These delightful surprises serve to change the tone of the book and give it a much richer feel.

Interspersed throughout the main characters’ story line are descriptions of the life of mermaids, the ways in which they interact with humans, and the history of merfolk. Throughout the book, mermaids are exposed to and experience virtually everything a human could possibly encounter. The entire story is all-encompassing and, though it is engaging, can feel somewhat overwhelming at times.

Fans of fantasy will thoroughly enjoy the detailed explanations provided by Tremayne regarding the existence of mermaids on Earth and their everyday lives among humans. Although there are some grammatical, punctuation, and spacing concerns that distract somewhat from the reading, I would recommend Tremayne’s work to anyone looking for a fresh take on an age-old story. Nowhere else will readers find a more comprehensive description of merfolk.

Pages: 319 | ASIN: B084DYVYSB

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