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Listening to music is a personal experience. Some like to enjoy it on speakers while others make the experience more personal courtesy earphones.

But with that being said, anytime anyone wants to buy a pair of earphones, they always consider experimenting – whether they should go for wired or wireless ones. Both have their merits and demerits, making the choice a tricky one. That’s why we have highlighted a few points you need to consider before making a choice.

Complete Freedom or the Lack of It

The whole point of listening to music is to free your mind, enjoy the moment and not thinking about not pleasant things. So, why should it be accompanied with wires that tie you down or restrict your movement?

With wireless technology, you can go about your tasks without holding on to anything, thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity. It lets you work on your system, get yourself that glass of water, move around in the room or even the house without having to carry the phone around and that’s what we call as freedom. While with wired earphones, you would have to carry around the smartphone wherever you go!

But this freedom comes at a price of the battery. Wireless Earphones are notorious for their battery consumption (both earphone’s and phone’s), leaving them pretty much useless once they run out of charge. This is where wired earphones take away the cake. They don’t run on battery just good ol’ fashioned wires, so as long as your device (smartphone) is charged, you can continue to enjoy music.

Stay with the Times

With the removal of 3.5mm jack from most phones and other smartphone company following suite, wired earphones are on the path to extinction. Though there are alternate solutions to the removal of jack with the coming of USB Type-C earphone jack or the adapter jack, it is important to stay with the times.

The best way to make the decision is to consider if you are going to change your smartphone in the near future. So, if you are planning to use earphones with laptop/desktop then you can stick with wired ones but if it’s mostly with your smartphone, you would want to reconsider your options.

Sound of Quality

Now, this becomes a deal-breaker for most! Though the difference between wireless and wired audio has lessened over time, there are few minor differences that only a true blood audiophile may be able to understand while the rest of the mortal tribe won’t figure it out.

However, the brand and the quality of the earphones make a difference. So, if you get a decent pair of wireless earbuds with good equalizer feature, you can adjust the settings and get the best output.

Should you make the switch?

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. However, before you decide the best one, do consider the purpose of those earphones and the kind of lifestyle you lead. Both kinds of earphones have different sets of benefits and shortcomings so do proper research before buying.

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