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  • Submitted: 20th April 2020

Hidden Iceland – The Mist by Ragnar Jónasson

Mystery set in The Mist in Iceland – Ragnar Jónasson – An isolated farm house in the east of Iceland. The snowstorm should have shut everybody out. But it didn’t. The couple should never have let him in. But they did. An unexpected guest, a liar, a killer. Not all will survive the night.

What kind of an amazing blurb is this? Hidden Iceland bring it on….

BookTrail Travel to the locations in The Mist

 Setting: A small Icelandic house , somewhere remote and cold


BookTrail Travel to the locations in The Mist



Now is this book or book three? The story is told in reverse you see so this is the start of Hulda’s journey but reveals and adds to what’s in books one and two….

The genius of writing the series in this way really becomes clear with this novel. Hulda is right at the heart of a series of tragedies and chilling goings on. She’s suffering herself after a personal issue and she’s desperately truing to hold herself together.

Not going to be easy when the scene of the crime is an isolate farmhouse. What happened here where visitors and strangers nevercome?Well, that’s just the point. One has arrived – looking for shelter at a remote farmhouse. The farmer and his wife are stunned and reluctantly let the person inside. THAT was not a good idea.

BookTrail Travel to the locations in The Mist

What follows was truly gripping. As the farmer’s wife, Erla starts to talk to the stranger, it’s like watching a human game of chess play out. Who’s going to make the first move? What about checkmate? A sneaky move could change things. Who’s go is it next? The interplay between these characters was like Russian roulette. The tension was palpable and I believed one person and then the next and then neither. It was  like a literary stand off. Follow the clues which lead you all the way back to The Darkness ( book one).

This Hidden Iceland series has been brilliantly plotted, majestically executed. The scene setting is chillingly apt and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up on more than one occasion. Cold, dark, Hidden Iceland surrounded by mist. What’s not to love?

I  come back to the chess analogy I made earlier. This is a slow moving game with tension and chilling winds as extra players. Hold your nerve for grief, loss and pain are on the board and you, the reader, are invited to take part.

Nordic fans get this on your TBR list now.

BookTrail Travel to the locations in The Mist



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