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  • Submitted: 15th March 2020

Vive La France in books and stories

FrenchBookWeek on The BookTrail  – French books have a special place in my heart having read so many during my studies and having bought almost all of them when I lived in Paris. I’m told Shakespeare and Company still have some left, but who knows? 😉

Next week since Fashion Week has just finished and the London Book Fair and the French one has been called off, I’ve having a little French book fair which will last all week.

Books set in France


Books set in France

I’ve had a series of novels and books set in and around France lately so why not put them all together in one celebratory week?

English writers and French writers come together to appreciate all that is good about books set in France.

French Friday


What to expect….some areas to explore…


A history of an iconic landmark

What secrets are hidden in France’s past

The importance of bookshops and libraries in France

Oh the food! the food!

And a translated gem…

But before that, there are reams of books here set across France to enjoy here:

Books set in France

You can drill down by region and city….explore the country at your leisure!


Somewhere you haven’t visited before perhaps? Fancy life in a walled French Village? What about right in the heart of the Louvre museum? There’s fun and games in the Pyrenees you know? You just have to turn the pages of your travel expectations and find a new adventure.

What makes French fiction so compelling?

The language and culture of this country makes its fiction sizzle in my eyes. It’s fresh and romantic, classic and insightful and the settings are just GORGEOUS? Just ask English speaking authors such as  why they set their books in such exotic locations? Julia Stagg has created her own community down in the Pyrenees

There are some GREAT books set in France coming out soon so be sure to open those yeux for them and take yourself off to France literary style!


Susan x

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