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  • Submitted: 19th March 2020

…French Fiction – Une Evidence

A book only in French  but this is Paris week on The BookTrail so, I wanted to include a novel I’d read recently that made me think. Agnes Martin-lugand  is an author known for her novels about women. Women readers can relate to. Women with problems like everyone of us, with family dilemmas and with worries about life in general, we all recognise to some degree.

In this novel, Reine is a single mother who worries about her teenage son and heads to St Malo to think things through.

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 Setting: St Malo and the inner thoughts of a French single mother

BookTrail Travel to the locations in Une Evidence



I fancied a return visit to St Malo so picked this book up. The book is not yet translated into English but I think it would make a worthy contender. It;s insightful and thought-provoking.

The woman in the novel goes here to think about life, and to work. I didn’t do any of that as I merely wandered the streets and visited a few shops including the bookshop so it was nice to visit on a professional standing!

The woman in the novel is at one of life’s crossroads. She is the mother of a seventeen year old son and seems to have the job, life and house that everyone dreams of. However, she fears the day that her son will leave home.

Taking a job in St Malo,she starts to take time out and think about her life and choices within it. Well, as she stayed here, we get to explore the city with her as she ponders life. It was the setting that really grabbed me here . Although it was a slow moving novel, I felt I could linger. It’s very emotional and she has to think about if planning for the future will tear up her past. There’s a lot to think about. I have no idea if living with a teenager is as it’s portrayed in the novel. However,  there are certain things that made me feel happy I haven’t got one myself.

The cobbled streets, the sea views, the narrow alley ways…  All in all, a visit to remember. It was the perfect place for anyone to be in order to think about their life and future. There were times when the stream of consciousness was really deep but on the whole, it was a wandering down memory lane, into an uncertain future as well as a stroll around the town itself.

An inward-thinking novel I don’t normally read but this one was nicely done and the words just flowed.

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