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The 107th edition of Stay Thirsty magazine was released yesterday, April 17. Included in the new edition are

— A conversation with investigative journalist Gerald Posner

<<< The tale I tell inside PHARMA about Purdue Pharma and its marketing of OxyContin, its blockbuster opioid painkiller, is the ultimate x-ray into how modern drug companies blend promotion and medical research into a sales juggernaut. >>>

— Stephanie Chase’s conversation with flutist Eugenia Zuckerman, the artistic director of Clarion Concerts in Columbia County:

<<< I didn’t plan to write in poetry for Like Falling Through a Cloud – I had just returned from being assessed for cognitive decline, and when I got home, I sat at my desk, stared at the wall for some time, and then, for some reason, I picked up paper and pencil and began to write, and it all came out mostly in verse – I didn’t plan it. I was in a state of shock. >>>


Nancy Nikkal  Float— Bascove’s Interview with artist Nancy Nikkal (whose “Float” is on the right):


Abriana Jetté–“Teaching Digital Humanities During a Pandemic” by Abriana Jetté:

<<< Yesterday, during my daughter’s naptime, I recorded myself reading from Claudian’s Raptu de Proserpine to guide students in my “History of Rhetoric through Writing” class with varying references and images. A handful of my students will never have heard of Proserpine before  . . . Why should they care to know about her now, amidst all of this panic? How can I get them to pay attention to this myth when their lives have been  turned upside down from a highly contagious, lung-gripping virus? Why, exactly, do I even think this matters?. . . . The textbook we have been using, The Classical Roman Reader, edited by Kenneth J. Atchity, notes that Claudian is “the last noteworthy poet” of the Classical Latin tradition, and that this “unfinished mythological epic” might have been composed as an explanation for the “corn shortage of 395-7” (Atchity 339).>>

DL & Johnny in NYC Feb 2020



“A Month in the Life of My Mind” by David Lehman (consisting of thirty short poems):

<<< Congratulations on the Appointment

You are now officially the poet laureate

of the street where you live.

In the background Vic Damone will sing

“On the Street Where You Live.” >>>

.  .and much more.

A tip of the fedora to Stay Thirsty editor Dusty Sang. — DL


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