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The viral pandemic has taken a lot of moments away from us due to social distancing. However, one photographer has decided to adjust and still capture great memories.

Edwin Nelson, 26-year-old CPS case worker, decided to use his photography skills for Easter and he’s doing it again for Mother’s Day.

Being able to make families smile during this uncertain time is something he is proud of.

“I felt great! I was a little nervous at first because I wasn’t sure if people would actually participate, due to COVID-19,” he expressed. “However, bills must be paid! Plus, I was trying to set myself apart from other photographers in my area.

Wanting to be of service to his community, the Port Arthur, Texas resident decided to put on drive-by photoshoots to capture the precious moments for families.

While helping others capture moments, he is ensuring that he is responsible for maintaining the proper social distance.

“I’m staying safe by keeping my distance. I have a box of masks, and I will definitely be wearing them. I also carry Lysol and hand sanitizer with me.”

Edwin stated that acts of service mean everything to him and he loves being able to help out.

“Growing up in a single parent household was definitely challenging,” he shared. “My mother would give her last to anyone. I watched her help others when she needed the help the most,” he added. 

With growing up in a neighborhood where crime was present and having loved ones incarcerated, he knew that he wanted to make a difference.

“The reason I went to college for Criminal Justice is so I could help rehabilitate today’s youth,” he stated.

With COVID-19 impacting the United States, we all have new normals. Most of us are now working from home, in most states face coverings and masks are required, and we must maintain at least six-feet apart at all times. 

It’s refreshing to see many businesses adapting to change in order to bring joy to people.

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