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There have been many debates, which couldn’t actually be solved.

For instance, science VS god or say, modernism VS methodology and the list is endless.

One such heated debated is also technology VS tradition. Whenever this argument comes up, it’s tough to make a decision since both sides have equally justifiable explanations.

However, we decided to be the jury to this case.

Here’s our attempt to justify that technology, and Bluetooth smartwatches in particular, do not pose to be a threat to the traditional watch manufacturing industry!

Moreover, what brings us to think that we NEED to pick the whole of just one side? Why can’t we choose to reap the benefits of technology AND still get our ‘hands’ on the traditional, classy, old school look of a wrist watch?

Solving this query too, was a part of the agenda of the court of Noise.

Thus, the NoiseFit Fusion.

The NoiseFit Fusion, a Bluetooth smartwatch is a mix or say, a hybrid between advancement and tradition. Paving a midway between the two, the fitness tracker gives you hands on experience of ultimate bliss.

There exist a plethora of things a Bluetooth smartwatch can offer to you. Even though they cost slightly more than a basic traditional watch, the features make it all seem worthy of the investment.


A Bluetooth smartwatch looks as classy and elegant as your old school wristwatch. Just a little technological looks added here and there, are bound to only increase the magnitude of grace you carry yourself with.

Moreover, even if you are concerned about wanting to look traditional, or seem to find the looks of a typical fitness tracker a little casual, the NoiseFit Fusion comes out to be your iron man.

This Bluetooth smartwatch provides you with the vintage kind of look, feeding all your old school requirements.

Not only this but it gives you the look you require in three majestic colors- the classic black, the vintage brown and of course, the elegant rose gold.


Not only do Bluetooth trackers allow you to look great and create a style statement, but also offer numerous features to help you perform any task you require.

For instance, the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 allows you to track 9 different sports modes- swimming, yoga, walks or hiking, do whatever that appeals to you, tracking it is our job, has a breathing mode and even helps you track your menstrual cycle!

Coming to the NoiseFit Fusion, the fitness tracker holds an optical heart rate sensor, to ‘watch’ over your health and track your sleep. It nudges you to snack, move and hydrate too!  

A Bluetooth smartwatch, example given, the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 holds 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, calories burned and step counting too!

Helping you set personalized health goals and making sure you hit em’ new year’s resolutions is our new year’s resolution! To make the process all the more easier, apps like the NoiseFit X and the NoiseFit PEAK help you track your overall goals.  


All invested in technology ever invented is invested with one purpose- making life easier. In other words, adding on to your comfort and increasing its levels. A Bluetooth smartwatch does precisely that for you which makes it the perfect investment for you.

Bluetooth smartwatches or as we often come across the phrase ‘fitness trackers’ are confused to be just related to fitness and health. However, Bluetooth smartwatches are a bag full of surprises.  

Imagine sitting in a meeting. Doesn’t it occur to you that it might seem rude to be checking your phone while your boss presents the sales targets? That’s where our knight in a shining armor makes the dramatic entry.

All your social media notifications, call alerts, SMS alerts flash right on top of the 1.22” display of your NoiseFit Fusion.

Not only viewing your texts and alerts, but we also managed to fit in pre quick replies! Text away.


Moreover, if we were to specifically talk of the NoiseFit Fusion, it’s the ‘sharma ji ka beta’ in the class of Bluetooth smartwatches.

Since the watch works in analog and digital modes, the watch has smart hands.

Staying in analog mode, the hands align automatically whenever someone likes your recent post so that you can clearly read if it’s the person you actually wanted to like it!

A product that offers so much, needs to go long. Hence all our fitness trackers hold the finest battery lives.

The NoiseFit Fusion for instance, works full time for a full 30 days (not even Sunday breaks!) in analog mode and 3 days in the digital mode.

Moreover, to further prove our point, the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 holds a battery life of up to 1 week!

For your long, tiring days, you need a watch that never retires.

So, after taking into consideration evident customer reviews, and evidences as presented, this court has reached the conclusion that Bluetooth smartwatches are no threat, but a mere advancement. 

That indeed, technology and tradition can be the new age Chandler and Joey.

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