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More than one Swiftie has come forward to say that Taylor Swift has actually stepped up to offer them financial assistance amid coronavirus-induced hardships in their lives, and it’s not because they asked her to.

After posting on Tumblr that she was struggling with “no job, no income, no way to pay my bills” after concerns about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic caused her workplace to shut down, Samantha Jacobson says she received $3,000 from Swift.

Speaking to People about the donation, Jacobson said she was in shock. “I was just speechless. I couldn’t believe someone I had looked up to and love and respected for so long has reached out with such generosity.”

Jacobson said that Swift simply reached out to her, apparently after seeing her post, and offered to help. Ultimately, Jacobson said Swift sent her $3000, which she intends to use to pay bills.

That appears to be the number Swift has settled on to help her fans, as another fan from New York, Holly Turner, said she was offered the same figure by the pop star after lamenting that she might have to leave her home in New York City due to a lack of work.

A freelance music photographer, the shutdown of NYC and the music industry itself has had a huge impact on her ability to earn money, and thus afford her regular expenses.

In the screenshot, which shows funds coming from Taylor Nation, LLC, Turner received the message, “Holly, you’ve always been there for me. I want to be there for you right now. I hope this helps. Love, Taylor.”

“I have been working my entire life to be able to live in New York City and I thought that was going to be taken, and she saved that for me. So, I am just so, so, so grateful,” Turner told E! News.

A third Swift fan also said she received $3,000 from the songstress after she tweeted that her new job was shut down for six months over the virus. TooFab has reached out to representatives for Swift regarding these donations.

“I’m shaking and crying and just fell over a rug in my rush to ask my brother if Taylor’s message was real &now I’m probably (definitely) concussed,” India Rose captioned a screenshot of a message that certainly looks like it’s coming from Swift’s official Twitter account.

“I’m sorry things are tough right now and I’d like to give you $3000 to help ease that strain,” reads the message.

And these aren’t the only fans sharing similar stories online. Swift has not publicly said anything about this, but her fans are lighting up Twitter with their own stories of — and appreciation for — her generosity. Below is just a small sampling:

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