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So the past week has been more or less a shit-storm nightmare. As someone whose entire work life (and majority of personal life) is centered around music, from my perspective at least, the world has turned upside-down. Times are a little scary and uncertain, so finding out concrete ways of helping artists you love and support is one way of taking control of what feels like an uncontrollable situation. Below is some merch from artists we love who’ve had to cancel or postpone their touring plans and who could use your support. If you’re unable to purchase anything from them, make a playlist of their music and stream it incessantly on Spotify (you don’t even have to listen, just put it on your computer on repeat at a low volume as you go through the rest of your life). Linking one here with the artists listed below.

**None of the below links are affiliate links — we’re not making shit off of this**

Post Animal

Post Animal just released their second album Forward Motion Godyssey. Sport this baseball cap while getting some fresh air at the track during your social distancing. $25, Polyvinyl Records

White Reaper

I’m not gonna lie, it took me a second to get into this record strictly because it wasn’t what I had expected from the band. My initial reaction was wrong. This album is great. It makes me so genuinely happy. It will make you happy, too. Personally a fan of this limited edition transparent vinyl. Cop it before they’re gone.$17.99, Elektra Records

Young Guv

Young Guv was supposed to be direct support from White Reaper on tour and now find themselves in a tough position having already sublet-ed their places for the duration of that time. Support them with getting this springy tee that will look super cute in your self isolation thirst traps. $18, Run For Cover Records

Ron Gallo

If we can’t have a sense of humor right now, what can we have. Ron Gallo is the best, Ron Gallo we stan. $20, Artist Store

Twin Peaks

Pre-ordering this tee does double the good — part of the proceeds to the band and part of the proceeds to NAMI. $25, Artist Store


Great quote, great artists. Support your local Brooklyn artists and buy any and all Dreamcrusher merch. $29.99, Artist Store


With only 40-some odd pre-sales of this record left at the time of publishing, you better get your hands on the new Vundabar record before it’s all gone. I love this band — their last record was the first one I played in my current apartment as a housewarming to myself and expect only the best things from this one. $20, Vundabar Bandcamp


This is what you should wear when you emerge into the world on the first day it’s safe to go out to the bars. Union Pool should prepare itself. This band is also awesome and it sucks that they only got to play one night in the states. $27.07, Artist Store


This lil cutie is one of a kind so act fast. They also have other great merch on their store if you miss out on this one. $15, Twen Bandcamp


Fuck plastic, stay hydrated, viva Hinds. — $28.49, Artist Store

Porridge Radio

We’re super bummed we had to call off our SXSW plans and aren’t gonna be able to catch these cuties live and in person, but the record is the next best thing. $19.99, Porridge Radio Bandcamp


Instead of getting a dog during quarantine, rep one of the best bands in Brooklyn with this snarling dog tee. $20, BAMBARA Bandcamp

Divino Niño

Transcend into a sunnier state of mind with one of my favorite albums of 2019. $20, Divino Niño Bandcamp


Bandcamp and venmo are both great ways to support your favorite artists as well. Here are some artists who could use support via those platforms

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