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If you missed TOKiMONSTA‘s live stream running through her new LP Thursday night, your chance to hear the album in full is here. By now, the only thing reasonable to expect from TOKiMONSTA is that she’ll defy any expectations set for her, and her latest record is no exception. Oasis Nocturno covers a swath of genres and incorporates a multitude of different sounds and instrumentation. From the jazz-rap style of “Get Me Some” to the tropical electronica intonations on “Love That Never,” the only constant in TOKi’s work is her prowess at building out vast soundscapes.

Oasis Nocturno was preceded by four singles, including music videos for “Love That Never,” “One Day,” and the EARTHGANG-assisted crossover track “Fried for the Night.” On her recent Reddit AMA, TOKiMONSTA clarified that her team is working out the details for her tour (schedule to start in April), and that while specifics may change the tour will not be flat out cancelled. “Music is not cancelled,” TOKi writes. “There will be a point where we will all be able to gather together and vibe again.”

Featured image: GQ Britain

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