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We are touching a huge number of devices and surfaces every day and all of these things have the potential to get us sick! Germs are everywhere: in your trash, kitchen sinks, curtains, beddings, toilet bowl, etc. They can come indoors with pets, humidifiers, pests, and outdoor air. Once inside, they are ready to infect and cause countless difficulties to you!

The germs are everywhere; in our trash, kitchen sinks, curtains, beddings, toilet bowl, toothbrush holders, bathtub, dishwasher, etc. They can come indoors with pets, humidifiers, pests, and outdoor air. Once inside, they are ready to infect and cause countless difficulties to us!

Sure, MOST of the time you don’t get sick, but it only takes ONE time to catch a deadly flu, a terrible skin rash, or even an undiagnosed disease that can take you down!

Reducing The Spread Of Bacteria

The good news is that we don’t need to employ harsh chemicals to keep our house clean and germ-free. There is a better and smarter way to disinfect our home completely, automatically and stress-free.

Let us introduce you to possibly the most effective air sanitizer called Sterilize-X, which can take care of your healthy environment without using harmful substances, expensive personnel or time resources.

What Is Sterilize-X?

Sterilize-X is a small but powerful sterilization lamp created by four germaphobes. It is the perfect device for blasting your surroundings with UV-C rays. Laboratory testing shows that UV can remove up to 99% bacteria and germs. 

This is a proven technology that has been killing mold, fungus, bacteria, and microorganisms since the beginning of time.Today, hospitals and laboratories use UV light to keep their facilities sterile. In fact, the US government now specifies that germicidal UV be used in all government buildings.

So, it’s safe to use but has a deadly effect on microorganisms such as pathogens, germs, bacteria, and mold.

Now there’s a way to protect yourself!

BREAKTHROUGH Sterilize-X™ UVC SANITIZER DETECTS AND KILLS up to 99.9% of germs in the air & on surfaces!

It’s a small but powerful sterilization lamp created by four germaphobes. Sterilize-X™ is CHEMICAL FREE AND TOTALLY SAFE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT BUT BAD FOR GERMS!

UVC light is used for air and surface disinfection even in hospitals, care homes, laboratories (no more words need here!).



Sterilize-X – Portable Home Sterilizer Feature

  • Effective: Portable Home Sterilizer Protects Home from Viruses and Bacteria
  • Reliable: Scientifically Proven, Effective Technology
  • Portable: Compact and Convenient. Sterilize Any Room in 360° radius

UVC light sanitizer combats germs fast

UVC light is chemical free and totally safe for the environment and bad for germs! It is known that UV light is used for air and surface disinfection in hospitals, care homes, laboratories (no more words need here!).

How it works? Pathogens & bacterias are much smaller than human cells, so far-UVC light can reach their DNA and kill them. It can even neutralize “superbugs” that have developed a resistance to antibiotics!

When the sterilization is completed, the ozone can be quickly oxidized and decomposed without residual and secondary pollution, which will not cause harm to human body.

What Makes It So Special?

  • POWERFUL – Two disinfection methods (UV + Ozone) and ultraviolet rays guarantee efficient sterilization against all harmful microorganisms, bacteria, viral DNA and RNA in the air & on surfaces.
  • SAFE – The lamp is more harmless than wipes or other harsh chemicals that we use in our daily life. Sterilize-X is mercury and chemical-free, so it’s safe for the environment but bad for bacteria & germs!
  • SMALL AND PORTABLE – Small size and stylish appearance make the Sterilize-X lamp look like a tiny ornament at home and is ideal for transportation while it easily fits in your pocket.
  • RECHARGEABLE – The device is equipped with a 700 mAh large-capacity lithium battery and conventional USB charging socket. This makes it usable 1-2 times on a single charge.
  • CHEAP – Sterilize-X won’t clean out your wallet! It only requires a one-time payment instead of wasting money on cleaning supplies each month.
Sterilize-X Comparison

How To Use It?

Sterilize-X can be used in small and medium-sized spaces that are less than 150 square foot (sqm).

Bedroom, sunless closets, poorly ventilated bathrooms, living room, and even hard-to-clean washing machine corners can be easily sterilized in 360° radius leaving no dead angles or the peculiar smell.

How to Use Sterilize-X
  • Press and hold the ‘Turn On’ button until the indicator light flashes blue.
  • The lamp will light up automatically after 30 seconds. For safety purposes, leave the room within this time to avoid direct light.
  • The device will take 30 minutes to sterilize your chosen room or spot.
  • After 30 minutes the lamp will automatically shut down. At this point it is safe to re-enter the room and enjoy the crisp, clean air!

Conclusions: Is It Worth It?

The quantity and availability of technology for use in our daily life has skyrocketed. Why not use this to improve and protect your family’s health? After all, it is the most valuable thing in these trying times!

Now we can enjoy cleaner, healthier air in our home with just one 30-minute application!

Sterilize-X Price

Buy It While It’s Still Available

We recommend ordering Sterilize-X while it’s still available. The stock won’t last long as the supplies are limited!

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