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Keeping it simple for Sunday, like days of the week have any meaning anymore. Today I covered the coffee table with paper, put out as many crayons and markers as I could find, and read to my kids while they colored. The best! The easiest! The… well, Finn got upset because he’s “not big” and isn’t as good at drawing as Nico is, and I did help him out by sketching out a few things from the books for him to color, and he did eventually lose interest in the paper and decide to draw on his arms instead, but I’m still calling this an easy, low-key activity that got my kids off of screens and got me out of watching the entire Spy Kids franchise. All I do is win, win, win no matter what, guys.

You will need:

  • A clean work surface

  • Paper (I rolled out some butcher paper and taped it to the table, but you can use whatever)

  • All the pens, markers, crayons, and colored pencils you can scrounge up (I offered my kids paints, but they just wanted to draw)

  • A couple few books, hopefully with varied characters/settings/etc. to spark the imagination (I chose Max the Brave because it has multiple animals and a monster, Go, Dog. Go! because it is Finn’s favorite and has that epic dog party scene, and Artemis Fowl because it is the book Nico and I are currently reading before bed)

It’s a couple hours later and my kids still have not asked to turn the TV back on and are playing nicely together in their room. I think I’m going to hit “publish,” make some popcorn, and get mad at tweets. I hope you are also enjoying a lovely Sunday.

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