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I’m not sure the average music-blog reader has comprehended what a treasure Sorry are. People should be flipping out every time the London Band To Watch releases a new song. You should be giddy that their debut album, 925, is finally out this Friday. Your attention should be immediately affixed to “As The Sun Sets,” their new video out today. But you clicked on the post, so maybe you’ve already joined us in the Sorry fan club.

Like most of Sorry’s songs, “As The Sun Sets” applies a dark yet playful approach to what is ostensibly indie rock, weaving in fragments of other sounds and even other songs. In this case, that means flipping Louis Armstrong’s most famous song into this droning mantra: “And I think to myself what a wonderful world/ What a hell of a day/ What a beautiful girl.” Imagine if the xx were scrappier, more sardonic, less boutique-ready, somehow reminiscent of both Gen X and Gen Z.

“As The Sun Sets” works wonders within the new album’s pieced-together flow, but it also stands alone — especially with the new video directed by Flasha, aka Sorry’s Asha Lorenz. Watch below.

925 is out 3/27 on Domino. Pre-order it here.

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