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The new trailer for Quibi’s upcoming drama Survive hit YouTube today, giving us a more in-depth look at the series than we’ve previously seen. The show, starring Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins as a pair of strangers trapped together in the mountains after surviving a plane crash, is set to debut on the new streaming platform this April.

We’re given more information about Turner’s character Jane in this new trailer, a woman just leaving an extended stay at a recovery home when she boards the ill-fated flight. We’re shown a great deal of her inner turmoil, with hints that she’s struggling with self-harm and possibly addiction, which adds an interesting emotional layer to being stuck in the wilderness with no rescue in sight. However, we still don’t know too much about Hawkins’ character Paul, other than that he seems to have been sent to greet her at the airport and accompany her on the plane.

The production value of the show is clearly high – the trailer shows off several impressive landscape shots and teases some pretty wild action scenes, including a wolf attack and a massive avalanche. It’ll be interesting to see how Quibi’s unique format of offering 15-minute or shorter episodes designed to be viewed on a phone treats a large scale survival thriller. Another highlight is that Quibi is currently offering a limited time 90-day free trial, which is an attractive option for all of us stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Check out the trailer below. Survive debuts April 6.

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