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TSR Reactionz: I know we’re living in uncertain times but now more than ever do we need social media for a ki and this “cough log” at somebody’s job gave social media a good one.

A lot of us can relate to the fact that we are scared to cough or sneeze in these streets for fear of being treated like an outcast and for those of us still having to physically go into work, that pressure is intensified in a closed space. 

Well, somebody on Twitter shared that they were actually keeping a cough log at their job among the employees and Twitter took one look at the tally and basically told Keke to “gon’ head and log out.”

SWIPE to see how people responded to the cough log and let us know what it’s like where y’all work if you’re still required to go.

TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh

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